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11-10-2008, 04:11 PM
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I personally think all suspensions should be longer... but what is the league doing... I can't figure it out.

Jones got 2 games for his hit on bergeron.... Hollweg got 3 games for his 4th hitting from behind in 42 gp.

This is Kostos first ever suspension and first ever boarding major.

So what is happening here?? are we saying Kosto is worse/as bad as those two cause if thats the case than Colin Campbell is wrong on this one. IMO

Are we saying we are gonna start taking a serious stand now 1/4 of the way into this new season when we didn't with Hollweg?? Okay i can accept that... and I've said for a long time the league needs to get tougher... but 3 games isn't gonna do the job either

I'd start like this if you really wanted to stop these hits
10 games for the first offence
1/2 season for the second
Full season + playoffs for the third (1 full calender year)
Out of the league for the fourth


I've also seen suggestions of suspend the guy as long as the other one is hurt.
This is unenforceable IMO.

As for the suggestion that you suspend a guy for how long the other guy is hurt, i like that in theory... but i don't think it works in practice. How do you enforce it??

Example 1) You are the Senators and its the Stanley Cup final against Anaheim... Pronger elbows Dean McAmmond (a third or fourth liner for you) in the face. We all know this really happened, but lets pretend for a moment... Lets pretend the rule is he is suspended till McAmmond comes back plus one game. How do we stop the Sens/McAmmond from faking the injury and/or milking it for all its worth so that Pronger can't come back in the series?? What about two teams in a regular season playoff race in the same scenario??

Example 2) You hit Martin Havlat... its not from behind... but its a bit of a charge.. you left your feet... but its not a headshot either... its just a simple charging penalty, and is against the rules. Havlat reinjures his shoulder for the 500th time and is out for the full season.... Are you suspended for this?? How long??

Example 3) You do something completely dirty... a full out hit from behind, a charge, leaving your feet, headshot, everything in one; very much an attempt to injure as you do it with reckless abandon... but the other player is not hurt.

How is the player in Example 2 suspended for longer than the player in Example 3.... They need to punish the intent and the action not the result.

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