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11-10-2008, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by endy View Post
our after first round drafts i think have been outstanding, top 3 in the league easily... but our actual first round picks i think have been more mixed, while seto over kopitar is looking better and better, i still can't believe how badly we botched the 2003 draft. we had 2 first round picks in what was the best draft class of a generation, and we ended up with michalek and bernier... OVER studs like phaneuf, getzlaf, carter, brown, parise, burns, kesler, perry, seabrook, etc etc. i realize it wasn't terribly bad, as michalek is at least good, and other teams completely botched that draft up, but still... if you are going to call us among the best in the first round, i think we would need a better track record than what we have shown.

bottom line, it's our after-first round picks that have made us so pro, finding gems like nob, kippy, vlassic, ernhoff, cheecho, etc while other teams are drafting AHL players.
The thing about that is that on draft day the Sharks made the right choices. Michalek was a guy who was (for a time) touted as a possible #1 pick and was considered to be very NHL ready too. Phaneuf and those other names you mention were farther down the draft rankings.

Yeah, you could make a case for the Seto/Kopitar thing though. I like Setoguchi, but that whole situation bugs me a little bit.


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