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11-10-2008, 05:42 PM
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Open ice headshots VS. boarding

I tried to have an answer on the Kostopoulos suspension thread but didnt get any answers yet so i will make a new thread to have a real answer. I hope the mods wont merge it.

My questions is:

Why a player that has his head down can bit hit on open ice and a player giving his back and put himself in a dangerous position cannot be hit?

When Andrei Kostitsyn, Eric Lindros, Chris Drury etc... got hit, people was actually blaming them because they put their head down, so others player CAN hit them on the head BECAUSE its their own fault, they just have to protect themselves and put their head up. Kost, Lindros, Drury etc... was not expecting being hit on the head like that either after making a play.

Colin Campbell said that TKO was suspended because he hit a player that didnt expect to be hit. Why doesnt this rules apply when a player is hit on the head then?

There was no suspension against Sauer because Andrei got his head down and was playing dangerously by letting of his guard so IT WAS ANDREI FAULT.

BUT, didnt Van Ryn play dangerously by putting himself in that position? Why he cant be blame then? Andrei and Van Ryn didnt protect themself well, so it led to their injuries but the results is quite difference for some reason.

Why does a player that hits another one near the board gets suspended for boarding even if it was non-intentional but a player hitting another player's head on open ice is consider legal even if it was unintentional?

Im not saying that TKO doesnt he deserve a suspension, but i dont understand why Weight and Sauer's hit are consider as legal.

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