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11-10-2008, 07:08 PM
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Some have a hard time accepting that the Sharks draft in the 1st round conservatively.. They don't gamble on the upside or a dark horse ..
SJ drafts for hockey sense, attitude, work ethic and players with a known background that will make the roster even if the pick is maybe less gifted..
so they get 10 out of 12 that make a NHL roster .
Whether we agree on not SJ will pick a Setoguchi over a Kopitar, Michalek over a Phaunef, but will never , repeat do not ever draft an Angelo Esposito
We may not like Bernier as a pick ( but the scouts do their homework ) but Bernier will probably have a 10 yr career in the NHL.. maybe he will mature into that power forward.
In hindsight there is almost always a better pick .. Meszaros over Kaspar.. but least we get a player on the roster and Not one that threatens to go back to Russia..

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