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Originally Posted by Van
I remember this one. It took Mirasty (5'10", 188) 2-3 punches to knock Boogaard out.

I still cannot believe Derek Boogaard is being talked about in the same sentence as the NHL. He is fighting his way to the show, and that is one of the problems with today's game. Fighting is part of the game, but you have to be able to play some hockey too. Guys like Tie Domi and Chris Simon can score some goals while guys like Jody Shelley, Wade Brookbank, Peter Worrell, and apparently now Derek Boogaard have done nothing in their careers but drop the gloves. Players like that should be in the ECHL at best because they possess ECHL-level hockey skills.

...And if Arby is Derek's little brother, then that says a lot about Derek's hockey skills if he needs his brother praising him on message boards.
Here's an excerpt from AHL site under the heading On the Beat, dated March 12th 2004 called "Boogaard a student in all areas of the game"

"He is playing 10 minutes a night" said McLellan "you don't see him on the penalty kill but we're not afraid to put him out there on the power play. A lot of it is based on the reward factor. He's a guy who does a lot of dirty work for his team mates and gets them chances. You reward him for play like that"

This is all something no ever bothered to work on with Boogaard, according to McLellan

[B]" The unfortunate thing is in juniors he was shipped around to so many different places and no one took any time to develop his hockey skills" he said "He was in a pugilist role. They just sent him out to fight. It's probably the wrong way to develop a player even in that role".

Ed Dempsey and Dallas Thompson were the coach and assist coach respectively in Prince George during Boogaards tenure there. In that time no less then a dozen players walked out on the Cougars due to they're incompetence. Boogaards role was strictly that of a " pugilist" used to protect the precious Tyler Bouck.

You state "he is fighting his way to the show and that is one of the problems with todays game". You have to look no further then your own back yard. Boogaard was put into that role by a team that plays in a league which claims to develop hockey players.

It would appear Boogaard has rid himself of coaches like Dempsey & Thompson and siezed the opportunity to play hockey. Boogaard has not played in Prince George since Oct 2001. So unless you've been to his games in the ECHL and AHL stick to logging.

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