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11-11-2008, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Don't buy it....we would not have cared so much if he wouldn't be that succesful. Put the same Grabovski with the type of stats he had in the first 10 games and the only answer we would have about him would have been " He does all that and he sucks".....

But now we need to find reasons why despite having success elsewhere, we still feel good about him not doing it here....'cause like EVERY player that ended up having success elsewhere but here....."he would not have done it here".....

The guy has an what? Until we don't hear from the Leafs players and management that they want him out of there despite his stats, I won't buy the fact that he was soooooo disruptive. A guy like Avery is an ******* everywhere he's been proven.....but Grabovski seems to me like an immature kid that we got rid of 'cause he was too immature for our a couple of guys I'M thinking about......Still, maturity is something you can work an org., we just choose not to....But we should stop being surprised to see guys flourishing elsewhere.....
His immaturity pushed many players to dislike him..that's gotta be some ''immaturity''!

You can be immature all you want, but there's certain things you don't do. Missing the bus when you're a rookie, or whining you deserve more ice time than some players when that team is already #1 of the Eastern Conference, are just things you don't do. That's not immaturity, that's stupidity.

He proved his immaturity when he pointed to the scoreboard last game, forgetting completely the first game he played vs us and the fact he was a ghost during that game.

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