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11-11-2008, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Briere on Richard's wing didnt work so I doubt it will work with Carter. Briere at center with Gags works. I really wouldnt change that. I was one of the few that didnt like Briere at wing so I hope he stays in the middle.
Keep in mind this is coming from someone who DOESNT want Briere on the wing. He actually was not that bad with Richards, I think that hurt the rest of the team more than Briere specifically. The only issue I had with Briere and Richards together was that they both like to dangle with the puck and carry it. I think putting Briere with someone like Carter who he can dish the puck to, and have Upshall/Hartnell do the dirty work could possibly work, who knows.

I do want him to stay in the middle though.

Originally Posted by sharkeyanti View Post
This might have been raised elsewhere, but doesn't jumbling your team's lines every week mess with the players' ability to get comfortable on the ice with eachother?

I mean sure, these are professional hockey players, they can adjust, but we've had about 2 or 3 years straight of undetermined lines. Hitch did this a little in his last full year and Stevens has been doing this non stop. It's not as if one guying is changing with another guy, pretty much everything changes every time.

What's the theory other than "shaking things up?" It clearly hasn't worked for the past couple years. It seems like Stevens wants these guys to play Total Football, just expecting them to fill whatever role is on the ice.

Stevens' system doesn't seem clear some times because it's not elegant whatsoever. His style seems to be based on playing to individual strengths and weaknesses, and by challenging the player mentally. His team designs are fairly straightforward and predictable. Many people on this board have voiced an opinion that he needs to let the speedy guys use their speed, and I couldnt agree more! Have a guy like Carter sprint over the blue line and let him make the decision whether to shoot or lay it off. He has such a great stride and size, but he is being used with very little versatility, such that it makes his linemates one dimensional.

The great thing that the Flyers have (or Stevens' may have instilled) is that they stay calm under pressure. Sure they have mental lapses (i.e. too many post-lockout penalties) but rarely will you see a group of flyers scrambling aimlessly. They trust eachother, it's just they don't have that indispensable level of familiarity that great teams show.
Agreed. The team has chemistry from a personality standpoint....They like each other, they stand up for each other and they dont wilt under pressure. I have given Steven's credit for this in the past, whether we really know if it is him that instilled this or not. However, they dont play like they have that chemistry from a sytematic standpoint....They look unorganized. This is where all the "system" comments about Stevens come up.

As for the line juggling, I HATE IT!!!!!!!!! My favorite example is Getzlaf and Perry in Anaheim. They came up together, played on the 4th line as rookies together, and moved up to the 2nd and then the first liine TOGETHER. If players show chemistry, LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

I like the philosphy Detroit always used....pairs of players stay together and you rotate the other winger.


Those pairs should always stay together and you rotate Knuble, Hartnell and whoever the other winger is at the time as you need.

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