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11-11-2008, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Frankly, S.Kost should shut up. Take the high raod, there's nothing to be gained by palying a media game with someone like Grabovski. Let him play the fool, but don't play it with him.

If Koivu hasn't suggested this to him yet, he should, or Kovalev should. It makes him look like a kid. Grabovski's older and should know better but I don't care how a Leaf carries himself.

It was made clear that we were not to venture onto opposing boards to take exception with opinions being expressed there . I was led to believe that team's boards were to be left alone to express whether or not opposing players were low lifes. It seemed all was fair. Now fans are allowed to challenge opinions again ?

Are only Leaf fans granted this right or am I just hyper sensitive due to the fact that I couldn't get my hair just right today ?
Maybe that's because he is a kid??

We also don't know the full story behind them, so I think it's foolish to pass judgment.

I also find it refreshing to hear someone speak his heart out, instead of acting politically correct. We have enough of those.

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