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11-11-2008, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Antropovsky View Post
Pointing to the scoreboard?

Grabovski was targeted physically by Montreal and responded perfectly to the abuse. I can't believe a huge stink is being caused by Grabovski pointing at a score when Kostitsyn (who seemed more interested in attacking Grabovski then the puck all night) confronted him. Pointing at the score is probably THE most common form of retaliation/taunt in the history of all sports. I think you would be hard pressed to find any one player who hasn't done this once in their careers.

The fact that Grabovski is a small european, and was physically targeted by the Canadiens, and refused to back down is only another reason to love him. He's a true competitor. He is feisty, physical and not afraid to go to the net, or the corners.

Team Player - When pressed about Kostitsyn, Grabovski refused to comment. When pressed about Koivu, Grabovski gave praise.

Sideshow/not a Team Player - S. Kostitsyn expressing his feelings publically about Grabovski.

So far Grabovski has left everything on the ice, which is exactly what most managements likes to see. While Kostitsyn is acting like a loose cannon, and instead of focusing on the "embarrassing loss" he has focused on Grabovski. Joe Nieuwendyke came down to formally pat Grabovski on the back, so he must have been impressed with Grabovski's performance. Personally, I'm going to take note of that, way before Higgins/Kostitsyn's comments.

As for the butt end, last time I checked the big concern is with head shots.... stick infractions to the bodies happen all the time (slashes are common occurences), Grabovski clearly wasn't aiming for the Price's head.
Grabo was also one of the three guys penalized for skating through Price and dragging him out of the crease. Then later the butt end. Let's not pretend that everybody doesn't know exactly what was going on

I suspect that if Toskala was run into 3 times and then butt ended there would be some serious howling from the leaf's camp. True or not true?

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