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Originally Posted by Squiffy View Post
I don't know if you're referring to one of the Grabs threads on the Leaf board Mcphee, but I felt we let Habs fans express themselves more then adequately over there. The fan club one was off topic for a Grabs debate, and the one with the quotes was closed because it was baiting you guys, not because fans were trolling it.

But the MVR injury thread and the "I have long memory, we will meet again," S.Kostitsyn - Grabovski Comments" thread are chock full of Habbers and their thoughts.

Again, I don't even know if that's what you're referring to, but the voice of Habs Nation was certainly not stifled on our board these past few days, IMO.
Honestly if you want to start handing out infractions to the habbers doing this on the leafs forum in an effort to get both habs people and leafs people to leave each others forums alone, by all means. I downright promote it if you do it, but imo what antropovsky is doing is considered trolling. He's in the habs forum as a leafs fan, he's made his argument and all and that is fine, but he refuses to let it go. This isn't the leafs forum where if a hab fan mentions something you can all badger him if you'd like to as he shouldn't be trolling in the first place. So if you'd like to discuss this topic further amongst people who actually care, go to the leafs forum. Nobody here agrees with his opinion nor do they care about his opinion other then to outright call it comedic. His attempt here is to troll, not to have a conversation about this because if it were he would have let it go long ago, he isn't going to convince anybody of anything over here.

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