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11-12-2008, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Mother Pucker View Post
I was at the game, amazing performance by everybody.

Don't know if any other HF members witnessed the scene, but some Sens fans got kicked out of Bell centre, and in a pretty brutal manner. I don't know if they deserved it (the guy next to me said they were spilling beer intentionally on people in front of them). The sens guys from the group were pretty calm when security arrived, but at one point a sens female fan started punching a huge security guard like hell. Then security went crazy, it was an ugly scene. Habs fan were a bit retarded and were throwing all kinds of stuff (beer, popcorn) at them before that event.

On the ice though, what a game to be at Bell Center! Glad to see Higgins got his wrister back; I was losing faith on the kid...And what about that Tender one-timer? Can you do that more often?

Also, kudos to the molson dry girls in the stands...OMG
I saw that, too. We couldn't figure out how it started but those people were clearly d-bags. Who punches a security guard?
Where were you sitting?

Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
On a side note, Auld looks very, very impressive for the Senators. He had very little chance on ALL of the goals.
They always blame ****** goaltending in Ottawa but it's not like their defense did a stellar job last night, either.

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