Thread: News Article: Ruutu suspended 2 games
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11-12-2008, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by SensFan75 View Post
Perhaps if he hit Kovalev or Koivu its a different story....I would be surprised if he gets suspended, or if he does 1 game max. The fact that it was on Lapierre there will likely be little displineary action..

AS for fighting Laraque, why would he?

The game is pretty much over, 3-0 at that point, Laraque is a much bigger man then Jarkko or Chris Neil so why would either one of them fight them...they know there probably gonna get the crap kicked out of them so why bother...its probably not gonna change the momentum of the game for our side so its pointless to fight him...there are more people than Ruutu and Neil who would walk away from him so I wouldnt call him a chicken *****, I would call it knowing your place...
Troll.... I agree both those guys are out of their weight category with BGL ...but. Neil is one yappy little turd. Always calling guys out that he knows don't fight. Neil is only slightly higher on the evolutionary scale than Avery. He's a turtler and picks his spots. Ruutu on the other hand is an embarrassment. He's not well liked and few players have any respect for him. I was shock he fought Cube. So yes I would call them both poultry dung.

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