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11-12-2008, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
It's not a board. It's a way to get out of their frustration about the Habs since they can't do it in the real life. They are not interested in being objective and they're not interested in being intelligent. That's not the point. So even with the greatest argument, it would end up as....****ing frenchie, ****ing divers, ****ing classless....

So again, what the point in arguing.....In that case, Julien is whining about 2 freakin games, that we're waiting for them since they're playing the day before. 2....since he uses ALWAYS......Note that 1 one of the 2 games was the second game of the year.....'cause clearly playing back to back games on the 2nd game of the year has to be so tough.....

Julien is just a fragment of what the Bruins board is all about....then you add the racisms and the comments like the great poster Claude Julien keeps writing like "I wish we would slap a puck at Guy Carbonneau's head"....comment that was just removed by Gee Wally....(Wally should removed Claude Julien...would be easier for him and would suddenly raise the bar in this board....though there would still a need for a lot more work to be done.....)

but the thing is, I guess it has everything to do with the inferiority complex against us. As soon as they start beating us, if that can happen for their sake, maybe we'll be able to have decent conversation with them. Until then, it won't happen.
Reply to those insults like this:

<-- ****ing frenchie?

<--- ****ing divers?

<---****ing classless? (Note that they are proud of that hit and have been for years)

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