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11-12-2008, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyscribe22 View Post
Why is Bouillon the one defending Lapierre?
Can't you figure this one out by yourself?..

It's like that fat ****** Jean-Charles on 110%..that disses Laraque from the beginning of the season.
Even before the season started, he was dissing him on the radio for missing the Golf Tournament. Laraque called him during the show to tell him to shut his fat yap (in other words..).

If you look at the play again, Ruutu hits Lappy, Laraque turns around to go after him but Bouillon already jumped on him.
Then this JC, says, well there's Neil, Fight him!..
What a moron.

Laraque is not an idiot, he's not going to fight somebody that's unwilling to fight. Neil turned him down, Ruutu turned him down.
If he decides to still do it, he'll get a 2 for instigating, 5 fighting and a 10 for misconduct.
Carbo has been preaching discipline since the beginning of the season.

I just don't get some people, they think Laraque is supposed to be Rambo.

As for the suspension, I find it stupid it's only 2Games. It seems they only give 2Games for Elbowing.
It should be more than Kosto seeing how Ruutu clearly went for the head.

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