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11-12-2008, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Bender2.0 View Post
I saw Neil get into scrums and go after players last night, so I'm not sure why the media and fans are creaming their pants at George ''calming down'' Chris Neil and teh Sens. All George did last night was have a few words with Neil in the middle of a third period comeback. No intelligent player would oblige in a situation like that so Neil didn't. Neil had nothing to gain by obliging Laraque and that's why he declined him and only smiled at BG, hoping he would take a stupid penalty but George is just as smart a player as Neil is so he didn't.

Neil is not wetting his pants at all, he's an enforcer not an agitator, He's had wars with guys like Cairns, Simon, Oliwa, etc in their prime. Yeah I'm sure he's ******** his pants. These big media mouths like Bouchard should shut the **** up and get real. Neil's not afraid of George at all and as a matter of fact, I bet he challenges him early in next week's game.
An enforcers job is to fight to shift momentum in a game. If Neil was smart and played his role he would have went after Laraque when it was 1-0 in order to get his teammates skating again.

Last year Neil was all over the Habs, running into Price, hitting everyone and even calling the Habs bench on. None of that happened yesterday. Neil is a ***** and he'll keep avoiding Georges.

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