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11-13-2008, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
You might want to say you personally prefer Begin. But Dandy has been solid this season so far in his role. Nobody can really blame him of making any mistakes. He also came into camp focused knowing about the situation he'd be facing.

As for your comparables, they're incorrect.

Begin had 44GP last year, has 3Goals while having 67Shots. Dandy in 61GP had 9G and 69Shots. It's not about who shoots more, it's about the quality of the shot. Dandy has a better one.

Begin in 44GP had 27Blocked shots, Dandy in 61GP had 26blks
Most of the blocked shots of Begin come when he's on the PK, Dandy barely played the PK, so his blks were more on ES.

Begin had 119 Hits, Dandy 70, it's the only thing Begin truly has over Dandy.But, Begin had 14PIM more than Dandy while having played around 20ish games less than him.
Begin did have 4 Fighting Majors which is accountable for 20PIM, but Dandy had a Game Misconduct which is 10min minimum.
Begin had 14Minor penalties, while Dandy had 12.

Begin had 11Giveaways when Dandy had 19. But Dandy played around 20 more games than him. This becomes balanced when you look at the takeaways, Dandy had 17 of them while Begin had 8.

As for the energy, Begin might hit more, but Dandy is much faster and more solid in the corners.
Begin can fight, but we don't need that with Laraque in the lineup, with the addition of guys like Bouillon/Komi/Lats and Kosto when he comes back.
He is courageous, but he won't be winning much of his fights, like Kosto.
Dandy wouldn't fight Thornton like Begin did, but he'd stick it up for his teammates like we saw last year when he did the superman jump after someone attacked Koivu.

All in all, I prefer Dandy in the lineup because Begin brings nothing more than Lapierre or Kosto. Seeing as Lapierre is already our energized grinder, Carbs wants to put someone with a little finishing touch. Dandy has a better one than Begin.

But you can be sure that if Dandy has a bad game, Begin will be put in. Maybe he'll play tonight seeing as he's been good to get under Chara's skin.
Guess we'll see, but I don't think it's a slap to the face, it's just the way it is in hockey. Dandy fits better on that line so far whether you like it or not.
Statistically speaking, you just proved that every one of my assertions were right. Thanks.

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