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11-13-2008, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs4Lyfe View Post
When he fought Thornton...that was his first fight of the season...and because it was a draw, Bruins fans now feel that Thornton put BGL in his place and the reason BGL doesnt fight as much anymore is because of his experience with Thornton.

I am very curious to see what will happen tonight...BGL is in much better game shape than he was during the first meeting, and I dont think this time around it will be a draw.

Thornton even said after the game...he wanted to get that fight over with right away because he didnt want the thought of having to fight BGL running through his mind all game long.

I have a feeling we are gonna see a VERY different BGL tonight than we and Bruins saw back on Oct 15th
Milan Lucic could curl up into a fetal position on the ice while singing the Crying Game & they would spin it into a negative for the Habs.

I look at it this way: did Lucic, or any other Bruin do anything effective in the 3rd period when the Bruins were down? Were the Habs dominated physically or roughed up after the whistle? The answer is no. I don't care if Thornton would have picked up Laraque & powerbombed him, the Bruins were keeping an eye out for BGL when he was on the ice.

Spin that, weiners!

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