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11-13-2008, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
It may have been at the time, but this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Goligolski is not their Sbisa because Goligolski played in the Penguins system. That's my point. Goligolski played 70 AHL games last year, and before that played three years in college. It's not like. He was drafted within the last two years, This is the new NHL, you have to be able to use your system. If not, you're going to sink, and regardless of the Flyers win vs the Islanders, or even if the Penguins win tonight, the Flyers are still sinking because they have not adequately tapped into their resources. Holmgren still has the Clarke-ian attitude of "we don't need draft picks as long as we have a decent prospect pool." That's not how it works anymore. Every team, good or bad, at some point needs to tap into their farm and the ones who sink in the standings are usually the ones who don't get adequate contributions from it. In 12 seasons, the Phantoms have THREE defenseman (not counting Pitkanen) who has played more than 200 games (Eaton, Seidenberg, Vandermeer - we're not exactly talking all-stars here) in the NHL.
I agree that the season is more like a marathon than a sprint. I also agree with the school of mind that your farm system is an integral part of making your team competitive.

Sbisa is like Goligoski in that neither had played a full year at the NHL level before being thrust into a role where they were expected to contribute offensively while logging heavy minutes. Goligoski may have more professional experience, but he still required a massive transition to the NHL game.

Where the 'developing players through system' argument fails this season's incarnation of the Flyers is that there isn't anyone with the Phantoms the Flyers' management feel comfortable bringing to the NHL level. That's why Sbisa is still here and that's why the Alberts trade was made. OK, so the Flyers have failed at an organizational level in developing defensemen who can contribute effectively in the NHL; that doesn't mean acquiring Alberts wasn't the right decision. Syvret and/or Guenin is not the answer. Alberts might not be (read: isn't) either, but that doesn't mean trading for him was a mistake.

Injuries always force GMs to take chances. Whether it's a call-up or a trade, they have to do something. The Flyers have ****** defensemen in the system, so they made a trade. You say the Flyers haven't adequately tapped into their resources. What resources? The only legit defensive prospect the Flyers have is Sbisa and he's on the team already (I'm not counting Parent who's injured).

I deride your truth handling abilities

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