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11-13-2008, 05:10 PM
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We're all indulging in trash talk. I know what it's like in Boston. I went to quite a few games in the old Boston Garden when I spent 4 months in Reading, Massachusetts, and took the train in to the North Station. Even then, Bruins fans disrespected the Habs, claiming that some long forgotten scrubs who totaled perhaps 1/2 to 2 NHL seasons were better than the Hall of Fame players on the Habs. I kept my mouth shut but snickered silently. Frankly, I can't account for the mastery the Habs have shown even in years when the Bruins have looked better on paper and finished ahead of them in the standings. History has been on the side of Montreal, but every season is new. It would be boastful to say that the Bruins are the Washington Generals on skates because the worm could turn at any time. For example, I was annoyed, even a bit concerned, when the Bruins won games 5 and 6 in the playoffs. Still, I'm pleased that this season's Game One went to the team with the greater tradition. Can the Habs take 12 points from the Bruins (it's no longer possible to take 16)?

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