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Originally Posted by aegwillnotwinthecup View Post
Two way "solid" forwards win Cups over highly skilled offensive dynamos. See: the Penguins vs. the Red Wings last season.

And whoever said Kane will "fill out" more than Kopitar needs their head checked. Let me know when Kane grows 5 inches and gains about 40 pounds.

Kopitar hasn't even learned how to use his size effectively yet. He's been putting up points on skill alone over the past two seasons. Just wait until he realizes he's 6'4, 220, and starts developing more of a power forward edge, ala Getzlaf.
That's a bunch of crap. Some times having Two way "solid" Forwards wins cups. Sometimes high end Off. guys wins cups. It depends on what the other players on the team are like. Most Cup teams have both. Detroit did not win because Dats/Zetts over Sid/Malkin. Detroit won because there team was just better, it was deaper, better coached, oh and I heard they had this guy on d that was ok too his name slips my mind.

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