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11-14-2008, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Well, you got the awnser you deserved, IT IS a BS post...

You're not asking if we think the Habs are mediocre, you're asking how come they are...

how about they're not ?
It depends on how you define mediocrity. If work ethic and effort is in that definition, then we're clearly mediocre.

I've had enough of you fans who keep quoting our record as if it's the symbol of success. The bottom line is this team doesn't perform ANYWHERE near the level it should. Now that we've finally seen that level (Tuesday's game) we know that the previous 12 games and tonight's were NOWHERE near it. It's going to be the measuring stick for the rest of the season.

A team with the much skill and depth should be winning games nightly. And the fact that we aren't, not because of poor goaltending, not because of injuries, not because of scoring slumps, but because of a LACK OF WORK ETHIC, to me, is quite pathetic. And you're sadly mistaken if you think THAT doesn't make us mediocre.

Put two of Tuesday's games in a row, then we have a different story...

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