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11-14-2008, 03:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Front Office View Post
I look at the Ottawa game and see it as proof that BGL is useful.

He didn't even have to drop the gloves but he kept the Sens in line. Yes Rutuu threw the elbow but he's a dirty rat who'll never answer the bell. Think back to last season, Chris Neil would run around acting like he owned the place and the only guy we figured that could really step up and calm Neil down was Komisarek, but you don't want him in the box for 5 mins.

Tuesday night, Neil was invisible. No big hits, no yapping and of course he refused to go with BGL. The Habs felt like the bigger stronger team, and it was a pleasant night for everyone.

BGL isn't going to be an impact player in a direct way. He's an insurance policy. He insure peace of mind for our players and insures that other teams don't run around and act recklessly around us.

Having BGL makes the Habs a better team, not on paper, but by keeping the opposition in check and making the Habs player feel secure.
I agree with this...what BGL brings is an intangible. I can't say I have seen a game yet this year where the HABS have been bullied, and I don't mean pushed around physically but bullied. No one has gone after ANY of our star players in really dirty ways from what I can recall (albeit A Kost got clobbered, but that was a "clean" hit). Lets just say I doubt we are going to see any thing really dirty happen to our players all year, especially if Carbo figures out how to let the pitbull off his leash, all riled up. I don't think Carbo likes the idea of a team pitbull, but hopefully he'll warm up to it.

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