Thread: Injury Report: Komi Hurt as Per PJ Stock: Team 990
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11-14-2008, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
And I disagree as well. We got BGL for the big heavyweights. We got BGL to be in the opponent's face and we got him so our players would feel bigger. Feeling bigger also has to mean be more willing to drop them once in a while. And hearing and reading some of you who keep dissing Lucic, the kid is not supposed to be in the heavyweight category, something Komisarek was "supposed" to be more than able to handle, again based on some posters in here. Now if both of them thought that everything that had happened between them was relatively clean, they would not have accepted to go at it like they did yesterday. And if Komisarek would have turtled if Lucic had sent the invitation, his reputation throughout the league would have been tarnished for good. The guy, at the very least, has some honor and needed to respond again to a kid who most people in here think he'll be killed by the great BGL.
They went at it yesterday because Lucic was running around with something to prove last year. That's why he fought 4th line fighters like Boll. He's a headstrong kid that looks for trouble. No different than Neil constantly trying to get Komi to go every game...I hope you also didn't feel that he 'needed' to fight Neil as well.

In no way is Laraque here to help the team feel braver so that they can fight more often, IMO.

Just as Laraque is in a class of very few fighters, Lucic is in a different fighting class than Komi. I knew that last year as well. Laraque is here to protect Komisarek, whether you want to believe it or not. For all intents & purposes, Lucic needed/needs to be viewed as a heavyweight fighter. I can't help it if most people on this board didn't see that.

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