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Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e) View Post
Just like Habs posters, there are good and bad Sens posters. A few bad apples they say...

The rivalry is definitely alive in Ottawa, as Habs fans are sick of Ottawa fans crowing over their relative success over the past 10 years when compared to the Habs (notice, I stressed "relative"). Meanwhile, those same Habs fans in Ottawa are naturally puffing out their chests a little further over the past year - with good reason. Naturally, this irritates Sens fans, especially given our frustration over our team in the last 10 months or so.

I think part of it is the void the Leafs franchise has left. Most Sens don't really have the same hate on for the Leafs as they used to. The Habs might be starting to fill that void, but it is by no means at that level.

Whether Habs fans in Montreal hate the Sens or not, I have no idea, but obviously the Sens having won half of the last eight division titles and appearing in the Stanley Cup final and conference final in the last five years might be reason for some Habs fans to be a little irritated by a team in their division just a couple of hundred km's away, and happy to see the tide has turned in the Habs favour in 2008.
I dunno, I personally applauded many of those Sens victories. I hate the Sens less than most teams in the league (I hate every team NOT named the Montreal Canadiens)..partially because Leaf fans hate the Sens, and partially because they are a Canadian team, not named the Toronto Maple Leafs.

...I can see how it could be different living down there mind you.

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