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11-14-2008, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
If anything i was pissed at the coaching last night.... I noticed two seperate PPs where Kovalev was not on the ice right before the penalty was called... and was not on the first PP unit.... and didn't get on the ice till there was less than 25 seconds left in the PP.

Thats just terrible use of your best PP asset.

Markov and Kovalev need to be used together on the PP.
Hey, at some point you have to earn your ice time, as skilled as you are, if you dont work enough, if you are mediocre 5 on 5 trying to do everything alone, not moving your feet, if you stay on the ice longer just because of your name, if you dont play the famous north south game Carbo is always reffering to, at some point, you have to be "cassť" and put on the right track.. Do you seriously think Kovalev would have made a difference on the game last night even if playing on that first PP wave? Maybe the guy cares about his stats but personally I dont, I wanna see him play like he played last season, using his linemates and working hard again, I dont want the Kovy of 2 years ago who thought everything was due to him... It all starts even strength, I know Kovy gets most of his pts on the PP but he has to find a way to contribute 5 on 5, it starts by working harder, not cheating offensively, use his linemates and move his feet when he doesnt have the puck... I understand people not being satisfacted with his play, I dont think he is the only one to blame but he is certainly one of the vets who has to show the kids the right way, at the moment he has a bad influence making himself bigger than the team and I dont like it.. I rather have 3 young guys on the same line clicking and working hard ever shifts than the Kovy of 2 years ago on my team..

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