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11-14-2008, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by crystal ball View Post
Okay, before everyone gets all p*ssed, this isn't a reactionary post. I'm as mad as anyone about the way the team is going, and I agree with many here that Carbo's got to shake things up somehow. But looking at the situation logically, the team obviously has needs and will have to give something to get something. I really think Kovalev was a big part in making the team what it was last year. He used his linemates and tried hard in 95% of the games. This year it's all about the long, low-percentage pass, the puck-ragging and the shots on poor targets. His play is bringing Plekanec and Andrei down because they either don't get the puck, or they get it when there's no scoring chance available.

I like Kovalev. I find him a pretty thrilling player to watch when he's on. But we know Gainey's closely evaluating everyone who's up for new contracts. If Kovalev is proceeding to have a season like the one two years ago, rather than last year, I can see Gainey getting pretty tired of his play and deciding not to offer him a new deal. Carbonneau's already using Kovalev in a diminished role. Even so, right now, Kovalev's value is still high based on last year's performance. Should Gainey trade him in for a fourth D, then bring in someone like Sundin up front?

For a 4th Dman ...yes!

Why: Carbo says this is a north-south team with speed; Kovy is a East West player who make his linemates pull up and watch him... totally against what the team philosphy is. He still has good trade value!

Then move Sergei up to his spot; he's ready and has speed and talent to play with his brother and Pleky. That would be an awesome line!!!

Then move lats down to the fourth line... waive Dandy and Breezy

Bring up D'Agostini and MaxPac!



Komi -- Markov
Legit #4 -- Hammer

off-season, with Begin, Breezy, Dandy, Kovy off the books you can now sign Komo,Tanguay,Koivu!

... thank you thank're too kind

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