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11-14-2008, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
TK is 100x better than Stewart....

skate better?? joke.... better hands??? JOKE, Jason Ward was the leading scorer in the AHL you can't compare his small AHL production and think he is better offensively than TK.....

Kostopolous, Begin, and Dandenault bring something to the game that Stewart doesn't.... and thats PK skills...

There are honestly 6 or 7 forwards in Hamilton i would recall before stewart.
Well, I guess we will agree to disagree on who is a better skater and who has better hands. But whether he is better offensively than TK is not my point. My point is that Stewart is a better middleweight fighter than either TK or Begin. Other than Flynn, he is most likely the best fighter on the Bulldogs (so unless Flynn was one of the 7 you were referring to, that comment was not really relevant).
The difference between Stewart and Flynn, is that the latter can play. Is he a better all-around player than the other two, of course not, if he was, he would be here and the others would not. But IMO the Habs can do without the average PK abilities of Dandenault, TK, and Begin if Stewart can hold his own physically in this league.

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