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11-14-2008, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
TK is a very good skater... I don't know why you think he isn't. I have no reason to believe Stewart is a better skater from what i've seen... but unless we put them beside each other and have a race, i guess neither of us will be able to say who is better. Regardless... skating is not a weakness for TK.

I was told that Stewart had better hands than TK and i responded asking what this is based on.... since he has no NHL points it must be based on something he did in the AHL.... I am showing how there are lots of guys who scored lots of AHL points, but it doesn't mean that they have NHL level skills offensively. I'm glad you agree with me here and that his hands are not a reason to bring him up though. Really hes not gonna be brought up to score goals so why his hands are an issue i don't know.

see above...

Chipchura >>>> Stewart... and Chips can fight too...

Cause we have 23 guys on the roster... and we would have to waive one to bring him up. If he was better than the guys we have he should have shown it by this point. He didnt show he was better than them in the preseason.. and he hasn't shown he is better than them in Hamilton. Is he dominating down there?? No.

If you want a gritty 4th line forward Chipchura is a much better choice. Regardless I'm not waiving a veteran to make room for any of them. I dont see the point.

Dandy can play defence too and is useful incase of injuries (see Komi injury thread)
Yeah, I think Chips should be considered for a call-up too. I just see Stewart as more of crash and bang winger, while I see Chips as a hard-nose puck possession center. For me it would depend on what the Habs needed at the time of the call-up.

And you are right. We already have 23 players on the roster and someone would have to be moved. It would only be in the event of an opportunity (injury, trade etc) that a call-up should be considered.

My only point was that if it was one of the four wingers who now play on the fourth line, Stewart would not be a bad choice.

Looking into the future, a fouth line of Chipchura, Stewart and Lapierre wouldn't hurt my feelings. I am one of those who thinks Lappy's skill set is better suited to the wing. But now I am getting way off topic.

Ughh, Dandy scares me on defense but so does Brisebois. I don't know what the answer is there?

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