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11-14-2008, 06:10 PM
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Is this a joke? People saying this and that about laraque. He will go after you if you do a cheap hit, he went after ruutu remember? He went after sauer as well. However, I don't think he sees it honorable to just launch himself at a guy because he hits and plays hard. yes, there was the kovalev hit, but jesus, did you see how kovalev was skating? He wasn't prepared to skate, let alone take a hit. Kovalev is a pretty strong guy, he does well in the corners, but for him to tumble like that he was obviously not paying attention and I wouldn't consider that a true dirty hit. Lucic is a pain in the ass, laraque approached him, more than once, and Lucic refused.

This whole "middleweight" is a call out. He knows we're facing him soon, but he knows playing with the kid's ego will make him feel he has to show up. Oh no, laraque didn't tell lucic "you're dead next saturday!" on live TV and get in trouble if he went after Lucic after because clearly intent to injure and premeditated. He let his opinion be known and gave a little ego jab to lucic. Saturday he'll ask him for a fight, it's up to lucic to answer the bell.

Also, get over this laraque shouldn't care about instigator and all this junk. Laraque is respected for a reason. He's not going to ruin an image and career of respectability just to go after a kid who gets habs fan on their nerves. If lucic did something truly wrong and laraque were on the ice, lucic would've been pulled to the center ice for a match-up. As they say, timing is everything.

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