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11-14-2008, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
Which player are you going to get Beaker... the one that sowed up last year, or the one that showed up the few years before that.

What picks and prospects would you give need to give quality to get quality!

I would rather give kids with huge upside a chance to a guy whose best years are behind him!

There are plenty of teams in the West that are dying for offense and would be willing to give up a legit dman for him.

Vancouver, Phoenix, LA... I'm not an expert on which one, but if bob sent out a fax; I sure he'd get a few offers.
I think we'll get the player who is not quite as good as last year, but is still just under 1 PPG... ie the one who has 12 pts in 14 games this year. Thats the guy I'm pretty happy keeping.

LA is dying for offence??? Since when?
Yes you have to give Quality to get Quality, but you don't create new holes to solve the old ones.

You have to decide, am i going for the cup or not... if you are going for the cup you don't give up a number 1 winger for a top 4 defenceman.... now you are just moving the hole around from one place to another.

You want to make a run?? Trade prospects we have a ton of them
You don't think we can make a run?? Okay i think you are wrong.. but if thats how you truly feel then you trade Kovalev for picks/prospects.

You don't try and do both... .you do one or the other. You either go for the cup or you don't.

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