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11-15-2008, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Bender2.0 View Post
You ARE a hypocrite.

You know damn well that for over a year Komi has been going after Lucic during and after the whistle, he's gone after star players, punching and slashing and yapping and acting like a tough guy but backing down every time Lucic came calling. That's why Komi eventually had to ansert he bell, even he himself knew it and that's why he manned up(and did better than most give him credit for), and that's why he himself isn't making any excuses or whining like yourself.

But lemme get this straight, the notion of Komi having to answer the bell for everything he's done in the past year is complete bull **** to you, but on the other hand Lucic now absolutely HAS to answer the bell, to the most respected heavy in Laraque nonetheless, for waving his arms after a fight? Yeah right. You are indeed a complete hypocrite. Fights and answering the bell goes both ways. If you don't think that Komi HAD to fight Lucic, then don't go around whining that Lucy now HAS to fight Laraque and is a ***** for not doing so. This is the very definition of hypcrosy.

Personally, as a guy who is neither a Bruins or a Habs fan, I think the beef was indeed between Komi and Lucic, and I do think that Komi was going to have to answer the bell eventually and appluad him for it. I think that for now their score is settled and that it should be the end of that, why are Habs fans trying to drag Laraque into this I have no idea.
Take out the sarcastic tone, & you've got it about right.

Good lord, a defenceman playing tough physical hockey? What's that? He sometimes shoves people after the whistle?! Somebody put a stop to this madman!!!!

I seem to recall an era where anyone standing in front of the goal was subject to vicious crosschecks again & again, as well as blatant slashes throughout the game. Now that might be something to get one's panties in a bunch but yelling? Shoving? Give me a ****ing break pal. Cry me a river because Komisarek is mean to your team. He can't get away with 1/2 of the things defencemen were capable of in the 90's.

Taunting a bench, on the other hand, when you've turned down it's best fighter...uh, yeah. That's grounds for a beating. It's not hard to understand.

You're either a Senator or a Leaf fan.

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