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11-15-2008, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by mariolemieux66 View Post
It is true, Montreal were lucky not to have players injured for more than 2 weeks last year.They finished first, yes. Things could have ben different if Boston would have been with Bergeron, the Flyers with Gagne, the Hurricanes with Brind'Amour, Walker, Cullen, Williams not being injured for more than a month.

Yes Montreal finished first with a team that was small but skilled, young and fast.
It worked last year but that does'nt mean it is going to work this year. Everyone notice how the Habs needed more size and grit in the playoofs last year.
Anaheim won the cup with a team that was tough, big ,mean. But Anaheim got eliminated in the playoffs pretty fast the following year.
Bob has to e able to adjust the team and fill the holes when needed.
The team desperately need a top 4 dmen with size, grit and some nastyness.
montreal also need a top 9 forward that has some skills, that is physical, hits , that can drop them and is a winner. Carcillo, Clarckson, McLeod.
kostopoulos and Begin... give me a break!

And yet, last game we played we were out-skated and out-played... out hit ? meh! the team that beat us last game did it simply because Julien and Co realized (took a year to understand - but still) hits and fight can be nice, but to win a game you have to score goals, play hockey... be serious for a second here, Bergeron, Kessel, Savard, Yelle (use to, not anymore), Ryder (never had gritt, we saw enough of him to know), Krejci, Sturm may very well have been working hard, but looking at theses names, I have yet to see gritty players... hell, even Thornton looked like Pavel Bure against us that game...

Tic-tac-toes, side to side pass, you know - the things we used to do... well THEY were doing it the whole game...

Carcillo, Clarkson and McLeod = winner ? really... winner of what exactly ?

Want more gritt ? lets start by letting the ones who have some play with it... yes Begin will take the dumb penalty once in a while, but he plays balls out every single shift... just like the other names you've mentionned - it comes with the style of play... Kostopoulos may never win a fight, but I have yet to see him refuse one, ALWAYS willing to take one for the team, and never complain about it... Lapierre may look like a wuss to other teams/fans with all his yapping, but he plays with an edge, just gotta learn the when and how's...

all theses guys - including the non-Habs you mentionned, if ALLOWED to play their style will give you exactly what you want... but they'll also go too far sometimes, take a dumb penalty, get suspended, etc. it comes with their style of play...

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