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07-12-2004, 06:16 AM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW
how many players that are injuried,going from 27 goals down to 9 goals,get raises as CISLE expect Scatchard to get?
I can't recall when and where I wrote this??? I don't even think I implied this in my previous post on this page.

Originally Posted by CREW99AW
Parrish missed 13 weeks.Niinimaa and hamrlik had erratic,disappointing seasons.Which of those 4 is getting a fat arbitration award?This thread reminds me of the ones before qualifying offers had to be made,with their predictions that Hamrlik,Aucoin or Niinimaa wouldn't be qualified.
Well, to be honest, although I certainly cannot say Parrish, Hamr and Niinimaa have a case in arbitration, or that they'd go to arbitration, I can say that Peca, Yashin and Dipietro all have raises that are to kick in the next season. In addition, if the aforementioned win a raise in arbitration (should they go that far) or even if they just accept the 10% raise of a qualifying offer (or am I wrong about that), there is the very real danger that - future cap or not - Wang is not gonna pay for all these guys. Is 29 points from either Hamr or Niinimaa worth 3.6 and 2.8 million??? Not in my book..... and I'm betting not in Wang's either.

What is Blake's situation? He certainly is in for a raise one way or another, right?

Point is, if you have a team that hasn't exited the first round of the playoffs for 3 years, and you know that team is in desperate need of at least one rougher, crease-clearing Dman and a bonafide scoring winger to ride shotgun with Yashin, how is, or why should, this team going/go to pay all these guys AND get the pieces they need?

It's pretty obvious, salary cap or not, Wang isn't investing anymore than the +/- $42 million the roster was at last season. In addition, Papineau and Bergenheim are the only real LWs we have and Kvasha is better at center while Peca is more suited for the 3rd line center role. Mapletoft can't go back to the Port without clearing waivers. Godard can't either. Bates also seems to do more at center. Then there's a glut on the RW side with Hunter, Parrish and Blake (who simply produces better there) all being 20 goal guys and Weinhandl and Asham there too? And you know what, none of them have shown capable of being a 70 point man next to Yashin!

Depth is one thing, but bodies/assets have got to be moved in order to make this team more rounded and sensible. This team needs remolding.

I think when all is said and done, one way or another, Chicago can be a good trade partner for the Islanders.

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