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11-15-2008, 07:57 PM
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Conboy is playing. So for whoever taped it or want to watch it, it's on now and on replay tomorrow at noon on NHL Network.

Conboy is #28 Whites.

In retrospect....(that thread could be head to the prospects thread) there was only 1 guy that didn't finish the game 'cause he was hurt....guess who it is....

I didn't saw the 1st but saw the whole 2nd and part of the 3rd until he had that shoulder injury. Good physically, do not hesitate when along the boards to use his size. The downfall is, his skating technique needs a lot of work. He had a good shift when he got the puck in the middle and tried to bet the d-man in the outside almost succeeding. Thing is his first steps are not that good. And I thought that he was floating a lot from what I saw. So nothing extraordinariy except fanning on a pass that would have give him a sure goal. Don't know how he played in the 1st though.

We saw him in the end of the 3rd near his bench with a lot of ice on his right shoulder. Don't know how serious it is. He had that receiving a bodycheck when he was along the boards.

Other players that caught my attention during that game was Jeff Petry, Will Weber and Corey Tropp. Especially the 2 d-men who demonstrated a lot of poise and good skating abilities. Corey Tropp was especially great in the 3rd, scoring a goal that the goalie should have had but undressing a d-man with great speed and the goalie made a nice save just prior to his goal....

So in review....nothing to see least for this game....

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