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11-16-2008, 06:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
His no whip method was a big reason why we ended up first last year. He managed his team well, giving them enough ropes to make the plays they wanted, going nuts with their skills yet not too much ropes so they could hang themselves. And it worked! All he's asking is be creative when you have the puck and backcheck and play a good position game when you don't have it. Why is that so difficult to play like this this year?
He's doing the exact same thing this year, rolling all his lines in order, one after the other... never pulling the goalie... never ask for a timeout... etc...

Carbonneau is no better - no worse than last season...

difference is, we don't have a PP averaging a goal a game now...
we don't have a PP that will give us 3 goals in 10 minutes to kill any momentum the opponent have... we don't have a PP to get us win after win even when we're playing like sh**... we do not have a PP that instill fear (of losing) in the opponent's mind...

By the end of the season last year, every single team we faced knew that even if they played a perfect game, they could still lose to us if taking two or three penalty in a game...

This year, opposing players can do whatever they want, they have nothing to fear... taking two minutes ? who cares, Habs won't score anyway...

Carbs and his A have no choices now, their weapon is gone, they HAVE TO adjust... they make the necessary adjustment and we'll go back to winning on a regular basis, they dont and we'll have to fight for a playoff spot... as simple as that.

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