Thread: News Article: There's One King In This Rivalry
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11-16-2008, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
This is true. We are spoiled by him. Honestly, at times he can make our defense look like it's the best in the league, even when it's far from

You know you have one hell of a goalie when the only negative other fans can come up with about his game is his pads are too big. Nevermind that he's one of the quickest goalie down low in the league, his vision is second to none (how many clean shots have beat him this year? Less than I can count on one hand). Also, it seems like he has made major strides this season with handling shots up high. When was the last time a shot even beat him up high? Hell, he's yet to have a game in where you can legitimately say that he was the reason we lost

Sure he'll have his inevitable poor games and slumps, but so does every damn goalie. He's an elite goalie in this league and anyone who thinks otherwise is unwilling to put aside their subjectivity, plain and simple
This is one of the dumbest arguments i have ever heard from other fans, mainly Devils fans. The pads are within league rules, get over it.

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