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11-16-2008, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
When I say he uses his speed, he's a big boy that's a fact, how many guys that are 6'5-6'6 are considered speedy? O'B imo is speedy when you factor in his huge frame, he moves well for such a big player.

The hit on Elder was freaking great, it was a treat to watch but I can assure you I never wet my pants, or at least not since I was 2 or had way way too much to drink.

As for youtube, I brought it up cause he's played in only 44 nhl games and yet if you youtube his name you will find several big hits, Campbell, Ruttuu, Williams and more. So in half a season worth of games played he's already got a number of big hits, and imo he's still got a ways to go before we really see him play more physical.

As for the Hamilton board, I meant the hamilton thread at the top of the page, yes I do find it strange that you say you saw O'B a lot in Hamilton and yet I don't recall seeing you post in the thread, I guess I just assume that when people see our prospects play they post about it, since we are at hockeysfuture.

As for O'B being an AHL All star, he was good defensively and he has a good hitter, it's not like he was great defensively as I'm sure you know since you saw him a lot and we all know it's not his offense that got him there.

The one thing we agree on is that O'B is not there yet, he's got a long ways to go and I suspect it's going to take at least 2 years if not more. I'm more interested in seeing how he does when he's around 200 NHL games under his belt, hopefully for him and the Habs, he's much better by then.
I really don't know what else to say. If you think that Ryan O'Byrne is a speedy defenseman, we will simply have to agree to disagree. Speedy is not an adjective I would ever use to describe him. Much like "hitting machine" wouldn't be a phrase that would ever come out of my mouth to describe his play. You think Ryan O'Byrne is a speedy hit machine ... I see him very, very differently. We'll agree to disagree.

As for your next comment ... You find it strange that I don't post on the Hamilton Bulldogs thread?


It strikes you as odd that I watch Hamilton Bulldog games, yet don't post about it? I'll bite: Why is that strange? Do you honestly think that everybody that watches the Bulldogs on television or in the building that posts at HFBoards then goes to that thread?

For real?

Why would you make that assumption?

I'm going to the Bruins/Leafs game tomorrow night? Will it be "strange" if I don't then post on the Bruins and Leafs boards tomorrow?

As a final note: Is it really necessary to put in passive-aggressive remarks like "you *say* you saw O'B?" So now you're implying I'm lying about seeing him play a lot in the American Hockey League? What are you 12 years old?

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