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11-16-2008, 12:20 PM
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For what it's worth, I still think he is a decent player. I just think the team feels he is a luxury they don't really need.

He isn't playing real well right now, and hasn't found a ton of chemistry with his linemates (though I did think he was doing ok centering Flash...) and when he did play with Ovechkin in preseason and camp in the past, it wasn't the fit people thought it would be.

As far as Nylander not fitting the system, that's baloney. Bruce is a puck possession game where he asks his players to always attack. Nylander's whole game is puck possession. The problem is, he doesn't create enough with the guys he has played with (Clark just being downright awful is some of it) nor is he defensively responsible or physical enough to retrieve the puck if need be.

In a perfect world, there would be no cap and having a guy ride the 3rd line, provide that depth and step up when need be would work just fine. But this team has serious flaws and sees itself as a contender. Not just an also ran who makes the playoffs. Keeping Nylander might be a method to do that, but the problem is, their defense is what is killing them right now.

I think they can score enough and carry the burden enough to remove Nylander from the equation and still be ok.

I think the thing that needs to be remembered when we talk about Nylander and acquiring him is he was brought in to be a Number 1 center. That was the objective, and he is getting paid Number 1 money (not Spezza money, Vinny money or Big Joe money) but good money to be a point per game+ pivot on the top line. At worst, he should be on line 1B, with Semin. Yet, Fedorov has outplayed him to date by a significant margin. Couple that with the fact that Backstrom is already one of the best centers in the league when in shape and not hurt, and Nylander's contract is difficult at best to justify.

I still think signing him was a good thing. He is a good player. But the problem is, he is outplayed by two guys who can do his role and mesh better with the team.

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