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11-16-2008, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimaera View Post
But this team has serious flaws and sees itself as a contender. Not just an also ran who makes the playoffs. Keeping Nylander might be a method to do that, but the problem is, their defense is what is killing them right now.

I think they can score enough and carry the burden enough to remove Nylander from the equation and still be ok.
I totally agree with this assessment here. The defense is the achilles heel of this team. I would be fine with trading Nylander if it could somehow ensure we would be able to bring in an actual top 4 defenseman.

My feeling is a trade of Nylander could bring that in one of two ways 1) an actual trade bringing in a player of that caliber or 2) freeing up cap space to make a subsequent trade that could acquire that type player. I think the latter of the two is much more likely.

Personally, I want to see some combination of Mo, Fehr and 1st rounder shipped out to bring in that type of player.

A guy like Sopel is nice but is he legitamately that a real stud top 4 guy? I don't know about that but I am sure this will play itself out come trade deadline time.

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