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11-16-2008, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by NJD00 View Post
Whether you like him or not, no denying this is an insightful and fair assessment of Elias's game and the Devils' current predicament...
Originally Posted by NJD00 View Post
That 60-70 points is accepted as FINE for a $6m/year player, who once was a franchise forward and USED TO dominate the Rangers is what is baffling...sure, you don't trade him for a bag of pucks, but there's no doubting that 60-70 points for this guy is KILLING the devils, if, as other posters have said, he is "one of the two" skilled forwards on this team!! He is counted on to score goals and hasn't done so on a consistent basis for 4 years!!!
Originally Posted by OnDaMark View Post
I dislike Brooks like everyone else but he is right Elias hasn't and isn't performing as he should. I blame Lou for this. Elias always needed a center and wing that could skate, pass and gain position. Lou has never acquired the right players to play with Elias. So the result is Lou is stuck with the contract he made with Elias and Lou is the loser. Elias is the winner financially.
I applaud you all for not taking the easy way out and automatically criticizing a very fair analysis by the usually looney Brooks.

He makes sense in this one.

Unfortunately for most Devils fans, Patrik Elias is above criticism based on what he did years ago and he is still basically untouchable as he remains one of the more popular players among fans.

Anyone who dares says anything negative about him is usually promptly criticized.

It's easier for most fans here to blame Sutter, Clarkson, Gionta, injuries, etc. before they dare say anything negative about Patrik Elias.

There are many problems with this team and yes, heaven forbid, even Patrik Elias is one of them.

I have been one of his biggest critics, but I eased up on him last season as he lit up Henrik Lundqvist (and indeed made him look stupid) in the regular season and in the playoffs. He is valuable to this team (despite the criminality of his performance as related to salary) in being the only player to show up against the NYR.

Well, show up some of the time that is.

At least Gionta's contract comes off the books after this year as he will become an UFA, but in the meantime, we are stuck with Elias' extremely expensive albatross of a contract for a long, long time.

And worst of all, we still can't beat the NYR, even if Patrik Elias decides to show up.

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