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11-16-2008, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyrrus147 View Post
wow, someone is not going well this morning? Sorry if my opinion is making me look like a ignorant poster. Honestly what do you expect from this kind of post? Ah man, you are right, I'm a ignorant *****, you are right, Boucher is done! Oh praise Ferris Rox !.

Sorry if it bother you but a healthy Boucher is a top 4 defenseman in my ignorant little mind. And yes I saw a few Stars games and yes I'm not only watching the Habs.

I do not see what do you expect with this kind of aggressive post. Go take a walk outside, take a break of the internet, I don't know but take a chill pill !
The post i was responding to had *You* saying What the ****, but I'm the person that needs to chill out and makes aggressive posts?

Pot ... this is the kettle. You're black.

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