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11-16-2008, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Muttley View Post
Come on, are we really going to use this stat to try to defend Patrik Elias?

This is exactly along the subjective lines of the plus/minus argument: If a player you are defending has a decent + rating, be sure to bring it up as a positive. But if this same player has a poor negaitive rating, totally marginalize it and use the "oh but the plus/minus stat is not always indicative of what happens on the ice" excuse.

Patrik Elias was given this huge contract to play the way did in the early 2000's and especially that 4 month period from January through February 2006.

This is udisputable

Based on what was just said above, either you accept the fact that Elias has been absolutely underperforming....or you deny this fact and blame everyting/everybody else, from line changes, coaching, or whatever is the flavor of the week excuse.

There are 3 schools of thought going on here:

1) Accept Patrik Elias for being an overpaid underperformer and deal with it.

2) Spin the roullette wheel and try to get Elias a Center that will help him return to his old form. We already tried every line change possible with this current roster and we don't know what effect Rolston will have on Elias yet. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

3) Acknowledge that yes, he played better with Scott Gomez and Jason Arnott and will most likely never return to that form with this current roster of Devils forwards and perhaps could use a change of scenery. But since Gomez & Arnott are most likely never comming back, perhaps it is finally the time (for the benefit of everyone) to grant him his wish of playing with what appears to be a good match of playing with his friend Havlat.

I tend to fall along the likes of the 3rd option, which is what Brooks is alluding to and I am in agreement with him.
I'm fairly certain that's one school of thought in 3 parts. Please make necessary revisions.

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