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11-16-2008, 02:34 PM
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Brooks does get the result correct - Eliasī production has indeed gone downhill post lockout. Too bad he doesnīt get too insightful looking at possible reasons for that decline to happen.

The team has been through huge transition, or whatever you want to call it, after the depature of certain Hall of fame defenders. It is unfair to point out one player, if the team as a whole is going through difficulties. Of course it is fair and legitimate to weigh the effort from the team leaders. If the team isnīt really in a state of going deep in the playoffs, should journalists write columns upon underachieving star players or upon underachieving team or a team that plays to its potential?

Patty has scored less than in the past, yes. He shouldīve scored more, but on the other hand, did he get support from anyone else than Parise last year, for instance? And on the other hand Elias has done well playing at both ends of the rink. One shouldnīt forget that when evaluating Elias.

During the past years Elias has played in various roles from first line center and point man on pp to checking line winger and has had all kinds of linemates from Gomez and Parise to Rasmussen and Rupp. The latter duo, well, nevermind.

The chemistry between Elias and Sutter wasnīt really overwhelmingly warm last year and Iīm not sure if thatīs the case now, though it has got better. It wasnīt too good approach on Sutterīs behalf that he took at Elias. Itīs not like heīs a rookie that needs some lessons.

I really canīt see how Elias is above criticism. He has had his share on these boards too. Besides he is not taking off nights and thereby being deserving for blaming. The effort is there every night. The only thing missing are goals. With a few bounces gone the Devilsī way Elias could easily have ten goals plus ten assists by now and we wouldnīt be going through this discussion at all. Or at least having a different approach at it Elias being productive after few slower seasons...

Elias would be sorely missed, if he was shipped elsewhere. Iīm glad that heīs with the Devils, though maybe scoring less than in the early 2000īs.

Just my few cents...

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