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11-16-2008, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
Why would you be at his place, were you the cat that robbed him or sumthin?

Frankly, your talking out your hind parts right now. You have no idea what would happen if Laraque and Looch went at it. There's no way to know until it actually happens.

As for the "This Laraque - Gratton fight is what will happen to Milan if he keeps on messing with the Habs players..." That's hilarious. Looch won't stop hitting people. thats what he does and it's quite obvious Laraque isn't going to prevent that facet of his game. If you expect Looch to answer to Laraque for that, then expecxt Komisarek to answer to Thornton for his style of play. Komi and Lucic were destined to go, and like I said before, Komi was a man and went after offering him on earlier in the game as well. Once it was time to go, Looch went.

He was pumped after the fight, and rightly so. A lot of pent up agression. BGL was likely upset because the days of staged fights and telling someone goodluck before hand are near their end. Now the scraps mean something, or are because of something.I like what Looch did, it was raw emotion. It isn't like he taunted the Habs bench, then I could see the issue.

And if you want to talk about his character, check the fight out at the 13 second mark, Looch holds up when he could easily keep giving it to Komi, something Laraque has done countless times.
Care to show us these countless exemples?

Laraque always stops hitting when the guy's down... But, of course, he's a hab now, so he must be dirty, diving...and soft...

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