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11-16-2008, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I hope we see Higgins with Plek and Kovy again tonight. I thought they worked well yesterday in the 3rd.

Lang-Kost broz

I think those would be great lines. Koivu/Tang with Lats works, we know that already. Higgy with Pleky/Kovy could work seeing as Higgy/Plek had some chemistry in the past, and putting the kost broz together is a MUST. Adding them with Lang is what I wanted to see for a while now.

Hope it's what we see for a full game tonight.
Exactly what i was thinking, I hope these are Carbo's lines tonight. Nothing like a weak team to instill confidence and chemistry in a line.

I didn't see too much of the Pleky-Higgy-Kovy line yesterday but, I think they could work well. In my opinion, this whole ''Kovalev can't play with Higgins because Higgins can't predict Kovalev'' thing is way overblown. They were missing a hard forechecker these last few games because of Akost's poor play and I think they should find that element in Higgins's play. This line needs to play a good cycling game and they simply weren't doing it anymore which could be solved by Higgins's strong board play.

I also hope that putting Akost with his brother will rekindle his play because, let's face it, he was a complete tourist for the last 2-3 games. The only thing that worries me with the Akost-Lang-Skost line ( what ??!! do you seriously think Carbo will put Akost on the right side) is their defensive play. The only defensively aware player on that line is Sergei and I'm scared that they will have a hard time coming out of their zone sometimes.

Finally, Lats-Koivu-Tanguay is an already proven line like you said and should remain productive.

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