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11-16-2008, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by anarmandaleb View Post
I've met her, too. mcphee's not exaggerating. She is really attractive.
Haha I was just kidding about the pix. Just something I do when somebody talks about an attractive girl via the internet. Kind of like when I joke when i ask a friend who's talking about a female relative (of any age) if they're hot.

Originally Posted by WeezyHabFan View Post
havent been on forever my computer crashed just thought id voice my concern, at first i wasnt worried... but now i am, after tonight barely beating the blues im seeing some flaws with our team i hope Carbo can sort this out!
Unfortunately, the team, including the coach thinks we played well these last two games except for one period against the flyers (watched this on rds site), they actually say we had a good game and the special units worked well. I don't know but this team seems to be in major denial, or just judging their performances relative to their 2 horrible ones. Either way, I'm still not panicking since this is just a slump, and we're bound to get out of it at some point, showing our true colors. I just don't find it good that they all think they played well... (there were some good plays, but come on, the game was from being good for the habs)

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