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Originally Posted by The Thomas J. View Post
Man One of the Gretaest moments of my life. I was 19 yrs old, we watched the game at my friends house than I took my friend home & I had no idea what was in store for me, It was my 1st real Championship celebration, I was too young to experiance the Mets win in 86' I ran into people taht i had known for a while & we just partied the night away, it was so unexpected. It was so much fun. There just aren't enough words to describe the energy & feeling that was in the air that night.

It was nothing short of incredible.
I am about the same age as lbrown and The Thomas. Now, I grew up on Long Island and my group of friends were split between Islanders and Rangers. So when the Rangers won the cup, I was a freshman in college. I always dreamt of a June day in high school to come into school after a Stanley Cup win. It actually worked out better for the celebration that night!!!

With hockey, I believe you're a hard core fan or not a fan at all which is one of things I love about being a fan of this sport. So a lot of bandwagoners wanted to watch the game at a bar or with some crowd. It was really special to me that I was home from college and sat in the same room downstairs with my dad where I had watched the games for years. When they cleared the puck, with 1.7 to go before the icing call. I jumped up and down "they're gonna do it, they're gonna do it". I probably looked foolish but who cares. I really took it all in and couldn't believe I was about to see my heros lift the cup. It is strange because it's only a game but it just evoked all this emotion. All the years you dare to dream. For some reason, I kept thinking of a Rangers game two years earlier. My dad and I were in the same room. The Caps had a 6-1 lead on the Rangers at the end of the 1st period and the Rangers came back to win 8-6. When they scored the 7th goal. I was laying on the couch and got so pumped I fell off. And then other random games just popping into my head. When Leetch was emerging as a star, I often pictured him lifting the cup in the white jersey and now it was a reality.

Mark Messier a couple of times when referring to his cup rings or banner. I am paraphrasing but he said that everytime you look at something like that. It is like a library of video memories going through your head. And he is so right. Everytime I watch the cup video. It brings me back to the anticipation of that moment. For me, it was a lot of years of almost and the damn Capitals beat us again. The day we traded for Messier in 1991. My friends and I really believed that we now had a shot every year to win the cup. It was truly a special championship.

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