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Originally Posted by Khelvan View Post
This is hilarious stuff - is this all he gets paid to do, report these random comments, or does he have a column or something similar that he writes, and just blogs on the side?
As Jyrgen stated, he's working for one of our two national tabloids.
Assigned to cover whatever can be assumed to be interesting to the Swedish readers. From politics to sports, from entertainment to natural disasters and from coast to coast.

The reason why his post-game post always is late is that he has to provide the paper with the "proper" article about the game first.

One nice side-effect of his "proper" job is that when he's shipped away from NYC to cover something else, he often tries to sneak into any other NHL game he can find.

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Yeah, we can translate it anyway.

I know for a fact that atleast one of the major writes both used to read and write at HF regulary though -- but thats Bjurmans problem... But he have left now anyway.
Originally Posted by Jyrgen View Post
Ola and Macke, we swedes can try to make a joint effort of translating the blog into english, at least the most interesting parts of it. As mentioned earlier by the Chimp the only problem is that he writes so damn much about every game
The best would be to focus on the pre-game and post-game posts, since they often contain the funniest or most interesting for outsiders. Quite much of the other contains so much yapping between "Mr Editor" and his readers that most of it doesn't make sense unless you've read (and understood) the comment trail on the previous post(s)

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