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11-17-2008, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by rocketlives View Post
Roy is the winningest goalkeeper in NHL history and he played a little more than half his career with the Montreal Canadiens. I guess he deserves to have his number 33 retired at the Bell center but I won't watch the ceremony.

Patrick didn't have a gun on his head when, in December 1995, he raised his arms in defiance of the fans and went to Corey's seat in the crowd telling him he had played his last game with the Habs.

If the Habs had then traded him to the Winnipeg Jets, he would never have become the winningest goalie in the league.

In this centennial year, I would have like to see the jerseys of the Rocket's two linemates on the Punch Line retired: no 16 for Elmer Lach and no 6 for Toe Blake. The Habs had a glorious team in the mid forties which won 2 Stanley Cups. It makes no sense that Maurice Richard is the only player of that era who had his jersey raised to the rafters. Someone didn't do his job.

Was it Frank Selke Sr, was it the guy who was President then or one of the Molsons. I really don't know but Ronald Corey or Pierre Boivin should have corrected that mistake. Roy could have waited another year.
I'm really fed up with the people still bitter about how Roy left.

Roy got us our 2 last cups, without him we don't even come close to the finals. His records speak for themselves and it's the perfect time because Brodeur is close to a few of them. Next year, he'll most likely have beat a couple of them.

As for your claim that he wouldn't have the most Wins had he been traded to the jets, well that's just a dumb statement. This is a pure assumption from your part that is completely useless because he DIDN'T get traded there and he IS the goalie with the most wins.
So stop inventing scenarios, it won't change the facts.

In this centennial year, I'm very happy Roy's jersey is getting retired. I'm 25years old, much respect to the old Habs, but I couldn't care less about Elmer Lach or Toe Blake.
Who better to honor than the guy that got us our 2most recent cups?'s perfect timing.

It also annoys me a great deal to see some people hesitant as to Roy's jersey retirement when he is arguably the best goalie of All-Time. Just because he had internal problems with the Habs and he went out making a big splash, doesn't mean he's not deserving.

In terms of individual accomplishments, there isn't one player that is more deserving than Roy to have his jersey retired.

It's been 13years, get over it little baby.

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