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11-17-2008, 09:53 AM
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I think some people need to look past the thread title and read the OP more closely. The level of ire in a few of the posts I've seen is undeserved. Rocketlives is not saying that Roy's jersey should never be retired, he's just saying that he would prefer to see a couple of the Habs from Richard's era honoured in the Centennial year, rather than Roy. He clearly states that the Habs could wait to retire Roy's jersey next year, so he obviously is open to the idea that Roy is more or less deserving of the honour.

I personally think that we should have our cake and eat it too in this situation. I would have loved if the Habs would have decided to retire a couple of the overlooked players from the history of the Habs, as well as Roy's jersey this year. I am 27 years old, so Roy's the greatest player I've seen on this franchise (although I did get to see a bit of Big Bird in his last year here). However, I know enough about this team's history to recognize that there are some players who's contributions to the Habs have been overlooked for one reason or another and I would certainly not mind seeing one or two of them honoured this season as well.

The Centennial is about celebrating the entire history of this great franchise, so I think it would be fitting to honour the last great Hab (Roy), and one or two of the other great Habs from bygone eras. I know that if there's a slew of jersey retirements, that there's logistical problems, but I'm not worried about new players having to wear less conventional numbers, if it's the result of paying tribute to the men that built and carried the legacy of this team.

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